The 7 R of ecological Packaging

Grip Sheet eliminates damage caused by shifting products on pallets; it eliminates packaging material such as protective corners, boxes or trays used as distribution packaging and stretch film.


In addition to its non-slip qualities, Grip Sheet takes up to 90% less space than the cardboard dividers, reducing material, transport costs, storage space and labour.


Grip Sheet can be reused as many times as the strength of the paper allows. The most frequent reuses are for closed circuit operations, for temporary internal storage especially when it is necessary to assemble mixed pallets. Customers receiving products palletized with Grip Sheet can reuse it in their operations.


Grip Sheet is made from recycled paper. It performs better than much thicker paper or corrugated cardboard.


In addition to being mainly made from already recycled paper, Grip Sheet is recyclable along with packaging paper and cardboard. The polymer used to create the anti-slip effect is removed by the conventional sieving step. It meets two criteria: it contains a minimum of 50% cellulosic fiber; “clean” dough can be produced by performing a simple sieving.


Grip Sheet is competitive and often cheaper than alternative chipboards which need to be thicker or corrugated. Additional cost reductions are achieved by reducing or eliminating secondary packaging or distribution material. Grip Sheet provides savings or gains that are more difficult to quantify by reducing the costs associated with the replacement of damaged products, in particular the costs of the return process, the associated credits and delays, as well as the unnecessary costs of transport, handling and storage. In addition, by increasing customer satisfaction and handling safety, it promotes sales growth.


SDI participates in exhibitions to demonstrate the multiple benefits of Grip Sheet and other products or methods. SDI develops application notes and assists its customers in the validation and implementation of greener solutions.

Example using trays and sometimes cardboard dividers

The appearance of the pallets can be improved, the product labels are hidden by the trays

Example with shrink wrap (without tray) and dividers
Waterproof Grip Sheet

The palette is straight, the labels and bottles are visible
6 Grip Sheet replace 144 trays
Saving of $ 15.00 / pallet