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SDI offers products that allow you to optimize the manufacturing and shipping of your products economically and safely. Our dedicated team is at your disposal to fully understand your needs and priorities. It is through this close collaboration with you, our customers, that we have developed solutions that meet the specific realities of many industries. This allows us to quickly ship the products you need. Many of these products are also available in our online store now.


Our products are suitable for a very broad customer base operating in diverse fields such as food and beverage, automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, industrial and more. We are committed to protecting the value and quality of your products from your plant to your customers.

In addition to reducing costs for your business, we aim to reduce overpackaging by adopting different materials and promoting the use of recycled, reusable and recyclable products.

Votre avenir et celui de la planète nous tiennent à coeur.

New businesses and technologies bring new challenges and we hear you. We work closely with our many suppliers to find solutions that will meet your requirements.

In addition to giving you access to the full range of Grip Sheet anti-slip products, our partnership with Endupack allows us to contribute to their research and development process. By serving as the link between the user and the manufacturer, we make sure the products are designed to fit your business. It is this approach that enabled the creation of the Cut’n Grip to meet the need of equipment integrators for a programmable tier seperator dispenser for automatic palletizing.

Vos demandes nous inspirent à innover continuellement.

By working closely with a variety of suppliers, we can find the most innovative products for your business to improve productivity, safety and efficiency. This is what has allowed us to become a reference in the field of plastic pallets, among other things. Our large inventory allows us to quickly ship the most popular pallets to you and our extensive network gives you access to a huge selection of pallets with specific characteristics to meet specific needs.

We regularly introduce new ranges of innovative products designed to simplify your procedures, reduce your costs, reduce your environmental impact, or achieve any other objective. We are proud to have been, and to continue to be, a trailblazer, providing our clients with the best options for their business.

For several years now, we have been offering adhesive handles as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags. In addition to giving you the opportunity to personalize them with your logo, we have introduced patterned designs that will grab the attention of your customers and set you apart from the competition while respecting your budget. We have also started to distribute Glue Dots adhesives and equipment as they are an economical, easy and safe choice over traditional adhesives.

We see our products as tools that allow us to develop, with you, innovative solutions that meet your needs. It is therefore normal that we continue to add tools to our safe for the benefit of your company.

En constante évolution pour mieux vous servir