Pallet sheets replace the use of traditional wood pallets.
Pallet sheets are thin, pallet-sized sheets made of laminated kraft cardboard. The load unit is usually wrapped with stretch film or wrapped in plastic film for stability. As sheet pallets are typically used in high volume manufacturing and distribution, problems caused by slipping as well as inserting multiple sheet pallets at a time result in significant cost increases. Grip’N Slip will solve the problems of standard sheet-pallets and help you reduce your costs, eliminate slippage, secure loads, increase productivity and safety. Grip’N Slip is designed to replace or supplement wood pallets in transportation and warehouse applications
Benefit from Grip'N Slip's advantages

Holds products in place by friction, does not stick and does not damage the finish of the packaging. No need to tie the stretch film as you do with pallets. No need for additional tabs to try to secure the merchandise with stretch film. No need to use palletizing adhesives which can damage packages. No need for equipment for applying the glue or for mastering the processes and associated maintenance. Elimination of waiting times associated with the duration of the adhesive setting.


Grip’N Slip has a low unit cost. It compares to other cardboard pallet sheets. It is reusable for your internal handling.


Grip’N Slip is available with a waterproof coating protecting your products from moisture rising from your pallet. Grip’N Slip is not intended to come in direct contact with the product itself, but rather with its packaging.


Practical and easy to use, the Grip Pad can be used manually as a classic interlayer or on a robot palletizer with suction cups for the spacers.


Better productivity.
Goods can be handled faster on conveyors and with industrial trucks.
Increase security.
Significant reduction in product slippage due to injury and breakage.
Elimination of taking multiple Slip Sheets.
On an automatic palletizer, the design of our product allows sheet-by-sheet picking.


Grip’N Slip is reusable and recyclable.

Compare Grip'N Slip to Wood Pallets

Using Grip’N Slip instead of wooden pallets results in 12-15% more product in containers.

The Grip’N Slip do not require any maintenance and are easily replaced.

Significant reduction in handling costs.

Weighs 1/20 the weight of a wooden pallet, reducing shipping costs

Reusable and reliable

Unlike wooden pallets, pallet sheets are not subject to phytosanitary restrictions

Tailored to your needs

Laminated Kraft Liner cardboard on which is laminated a thin anti-slip Grip Sheet, a 100% lightweight paper recycled with a non-slip coating.

  • PVA
  • Brown
  • Maximum Width
    • 73" (1 854 mm)including tabs
    • Note: the maximum width of the antislip section is 63" (1 600 mm)
  • Maximum Lenght
    • 73" (2 540 mm) including tabs
    • Note: the anti slip section covers the entire lenght.
  • Quantity
    • 0 to 4
  • Width
    • 3" (75 mm)
    • Custom width available upon request
Standard thicknesses and maximum recommended approximate load *
  • Kraft 36pt (0.9 mm) + Grip Sheet 60g 100% 1 Side( : 1 800 lbs (800 kg)
  • Kraft 48pt (1.2 mm) + Grip Sheet 60g 100% 1 Side (0.2mm) : 2 400 lbs (1 100 kg)
  • Kraft 60pt 1.5 mm) + Grip Sheet 60g 100% 1 Side (0.2mm) : 3 000 lbs (1 360 kg)

* The actual maximum load depends on the type of product and the specific constraints of the application. < / em>

  • 45 degrees
  • 90 degrees
  • Rounded (2" Radius)

Yes, with other paper and cardboard products.

  • Waterproof PE coating
    • None
    • 1 side
    • 2 sides
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