Tape Handles
An effective marketing tool that is ecological, economical and practical at the same time, the adhesive tape handle is an attractive solution for products weighing up to 20 kg. The adhesive handle facilitates the transport or handling of heavy products (compact boxes, water bottles, food products, etc.).
Plastic bags ban

More and more cities are banning the use of single-use plastic bags. Self-adhesive carrying handles are the best solution for traders and their customers by being both ecological and easy to use.

Why ban single-use shopping bags?

In addition to being a visual nuisance, lost or abandoned plastic bags have significant impacts on terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

In addition, their degradation in a landfill can take several hundred years.

In addition, the ban on the distribution of certain bags aims to encourage reduction at source, which advocates, among other things, reducing packaging.

Using reusable containers and bags and banning single-use products are two simple actions that promote reduction at source.

Best practices for complying with the regulations

Use reusable bags

Use compliant bags only when absolutely necessary

Recycle any remaining plastic bags

Use adhesive handles to carry items like paper towels, baby diapers, water crates and more.

Benefit from the advantages of tape handles

Very versatile vehicle for promotions thanks to the additional space for messages, logos and trademarks, bar codes, and more

Promotes the selection of your products because they are easier to take off the shelves

Build customer loyalty, especially with grouped packaging (multipack) which encourages larger quantity purchases

Allows standardization of promotions by changing only the message on the handle rather than the entire packaging


Reduces packaging material used for product handling

Helps reduce product damage and at the same time reduce complaints and returns of defective products

Eliminates the need for plastic bags or boxes to carry products from the tablet home

Customer satisfaction

Facilitates handling

Provides a comfortable and reliable grip even with heavy products, especially if the handle with foam label is used

Help reduce packaging by selecting a product with a handle

Automatic application

Coût généralement inférieur à toute méthode équivalente

 Grande flexibilité : changement de formats possibles, poignées fabriquées sur la machine avec étiquette en papier ou poignées déjà préparées avec étiquette en papier, en polypropylène mince ou en mousse 1 ou 2 mm très confortable

 Principes d’utilisation simple

 Adaptable à votre production grâce à la large gamme de machines disponibles: automatique, semi-automatique pour des cadences de 10 à 110 poignées/minute

Tape handles for automatic installation
Prepared handles for automatic equipment

Handles Prepared for Machines Labels (the section for lifting products) are already stuck on the tape.

The handles are cut and installed automatically on the products.





Eliminate machine downtime due to faults during handle preparation

Improves efficiency

Reduces operator intervention: only the adhesive roll to replace

Reduces material management: only the adhesive roll to buy

In addition to the paper, the prepared handles can have a label made of polypropylene or for great comfort in polyethylene foam of 1mm or 2mm

Handles made on automatic equipment

Handles are made on the machine using neutral adhesive and a paper label.

Then as with the pre-laminated handles, the handles are cut and installed automatically on the products.

A semi-automatic machine is also available to manufacture the handles that an operator will manually install on the products.



The same roll of neutral adhesive can be used with multiple labels

A change in handle design comes down to changing the paper label.

Equipment for adhesive tape handle application

A wide range of machines have been developed to meet the needs of all kinds of packaging, products and shrink wrapped multipacks, large format bottles, bags and pockets, and finally for any bulky product.

Mise en lot avec ruban adhésif

A range of machines designed to bundle a variety of products, rigid packaging, flexible bags, cartons, etc. by applying adhesive tape, thus allowing less material to be used for bundling compared to stretch film or cardboard.

The lots can consist of 2, 3 or 4 products. Packing with adhesive tape is particularly suitable for cardboard-style containers with gable or brick closures for liquids, boxed or bagged food products, hygiene products and more.

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