Go for the clean and safe alternative to liquid glues, glue guns, and tape. Double-sided Glue Dots continue to be the industry leader and come in a wide variety of sizes and adhesions for a variety of applications.
Benefit from Glue Dots' Advantages

Use them for all your projects. Their fast tackiness and ease of use will keep your workflow going. The different applicators are designed to maximize efficiency while keeping your workspace clean and organized. Whether you need a stationary applicator, a portable applicator, or a solution that allows you to easily switch between the two, you’ll find an option that will meet your needs.

Simple and safe

Simply apply the dot of glue to the desired location, then remove the release strip from the backing. Glue Dots require no heat, so you can use them anytime without the risk of burns. Their non-toxic formula lets you use them worry-free for packaging food, beverages or pharmaceuticals.

Clean and efficient

Avoid overflow, mess, fingerprints and waste. The compact profile of each point allows you to easily apply them with precision for a professional appearance and effective adhesion the first time. Containing no acids, Glue Dots will not damage your packaging material or the text and images printed on it.


Use Glue Dots with your advertising materials to attach promotional items and gift cards or to replace circular seals. Incorporate them into your packaging process to hold your products in place or fill a gap when assembling gift sets.

Rejoignez ces industries qui préfèrent les Glue Dots

Glue Dots products are manufacturers’ favorites for assembly and sub-assembly, for securing electronic components, hardware bags or for affixing non-pressure sensitive gaskets.


Many packaging engineers are turning to Glue Dots as a solution for labeling and sealing packages or for positioning products inside multiple packages, or with windows.

Food and beverages

Non-toxic, odorless, compliant with ASTM D-4236 standards and safe for indirect food contact as approved by the FDA, they are a preferred choice for companies to affix labels, coupons and samples to their packaging.

Printing facilities

Glue dots are a popular alternative for printers to replace moisture-activated adhesives and traditional circular seals for mailings.

Choisissez l’applicateur qui répond à vos besoins.
Dispenser boxes

These boxes are designed to easily dispense and apply glue spots without the use of an applicator. The box’s integrated supports allow it to be positioned vertically on your worktop for better accessibility, and its compact and lightweight format will allow you to transport it. Slots on the side of the box allow the non-stick backing to be threaded through after application, making it easy to distribute stitches while keeping work clean and organized.

Dot Shot Pro

Literally take your productivity into your own hands with the Dot Shot Pro. Lightweight, ergonomic and durable, you can carry it with you to accomplish many different tasks. Unlike glue guns, it is cordless since it does not use electricity. Plus, its second caster stores the non-stick backing used inside the applicator, eliminating the risk of tripping while on the go. You can store it immediately after use since it is heat-free. Easy and quick to reload, its transparent cover protects the mechanism while letting you know when you will reach the end of the roll.

Quick Dot Pro

The Quick Dot Pro is a more compact, yet equally rugged version of the Dot Shot Pro that you can easily keep with you to fix packaging errors or breakage as they happen. No electricity, no wires, and no heat, it stores the used adhesive backing under its cover, so you can stow it in your cargo pockets or your tool belt when you’re done. Easy and quick to reload, its transparent cover protects the mechanism while letting you know when you will reach the end of the roll.

Dot’n Go

The small, non-refillable Dot’n Go applicators fit in the palm of your hand. Convenient in the office or on the road for bonding all kinds of materials (paper, plastic, metal, wood, foam, textiles), they are available in several levels of adhesiveness. Whether you need them for hanging a poster on the wall, pasting business cards on a document, or for repairs, they are ideal for the home, office, or small business.


The EconoDot is one of the most compact, lightweight and economical stationary adhesive dispensers of its kind. It automatically dispenses one Glue Dot at a time, maximizing the efficiency of your handwork line. Easy to use and maintain, it does not require any programming or calibration. The non-stick backing advances one dot as soon as the operator’s hand or the glue-dotted product passes the motion sensor light beam, presenting a new dot ready to be applied.


The SD900 applies Glue Dots in-line adhesives. Safer, cleaner and more cost effective to use than most hot glue systems, the SD900 will integrate seamlessly into your production line. You will be able to apply up to 120 Glue Dots per minute with impressive precision. Without fittings or hoses, it will reduce your operating and maintenance costs, as well as the risk of accidents. With its LCD screen and rotary adjustment dial, it will be easy for you to adjust the stitch application to your needs.

Trouvez les bons Glue Dots pour chaque tâche

Glue Dots are available in several standard versions for multiple applications.


The most common diameter of Glue Dots is 1/2 ”, but we can also provide 3/16 ”, 1/4 ”, 3/8 ” 3/4 ” points on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find what is right for you. It will be our pleasure to help you get the perfect solution for your needs.

Adhesive properties

The term “tack” refers to the adhesive itself, while the term “tack” refers to the bond it creates between different surfaces. Low or medium tack usually creates a temporary bond that will allow you to loosen stuck objects. In contrast, ultra-high adhesive strength creates a permanent bond that can damage surfaces if you try to pull them apart. If you are affixing an object to a vertical surface, choose a tack that qualifies as “shear resistant”.


Glue Dots are available in three thicknesses, also known as “profiles”. When you want to seal packaging or glue business cards, labels or coupons we suggest a low thickness to avoid dents and gaps. If you are preparing multiple packages, medium or high thicknesses are preferable in order to maintain a certain distance between the products.


Every application is unique, and you might not know which is the best product for you. It will be our pleasure to share our experience to help you choose. You can reach us by email ( solution@sdipackaging.com ) or by phone ( 1-866-533-3939 ) and we’ll get back to you Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET. We can even send you samples or perform tests with your products to assess the best options.


We always recommend performing your own tests before integrating Glue Dots into your production line. Pay attention to products with weaker tack to make sure they are strong enough and don’t cause discoloration. Although they are acid-free, different concentrations of oil are used to make them removable. In most cases, these oils will not discolor surfaces. However, the effect of oils varies depending on the absorption properties of the carrier. The higher the adhesion force, the more the oil concentration decreases; discoloration could therefore occur with lower adhesion levels when used long term. We recommend that you thoroughly test the adhesives on the surfaces to be bonded if you are concerned about discoloration. To speed up the process, we suggest applying series of adhesives to the surfaces to be bonded and heating them to 46 ° (140 °) for a week to simulate six months at room temperature.

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