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Low Profile - High Tack 1/2'' (Roll)

  • Code: DSP31-401
  • Weight: 0.500 Lbs

Use with Dot Shot Pro Applicator | Semi-Permanent Bond

1500 DOTS/roll

Diameter: 1/2''
Quantity per Roll: 1500
Tack Level: High
Profile: Low

A clean, instant and semi-permanent bond

Lightweight and portable, it integrates to any project

No electricity or heat required

Fast, safe and easy to set up and use

Ready to apply single or multiple adhesive pattern

Consistent adhesive pattern and bonding

Compact creating a small footprint

Repack or repair hot melt failures and reverse logistics

Secure medical product information sheets

Affix pieces or hold commponents in place before assembly

Use with the Dot Shot Pro applicator

Reduced adhesive waste

Price: 24.99 $

Quantity Price
1 24.99 $
8 22.99 $
16 20.99 $
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