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The 7 R's of Sustainable Packaging and Grip Sheet



Grip Sheet eliminates damages to products due to slippage; it can be used to reduce distribution packaging, to eliminate the need for corner posts, strapping and stretch film.

Besides its non-slip advantage, Grip Sheet requires 1/10th the space of corrugated or regular chipboard sheets thus reducing material, transportation cost, storage space and labor for handling.

Grip Sheet can be reused until the paper is inadequate. Most obvious reuses are for closed-loop or internal / temporary warehousing, especially when mixed pallets have to be made. Customers receiving products palletized with Grip Sheet can reuse it in their own operations.

Grip Sheet major constituent is recycled paper. By design, the characteristics of Grip Sheet are such that low quality recycled paper can be used while providing better performance than heavier, stronger paper or corrugated sheet.

Besides being made from recycled paper, Grip Sheet is recyclable with other packaging paper and board. The polymer used for the non-skid effect is removed by conventional screening step. It satisfies two criteria: containing a minimum of 50% cellulosic fibers; clean pulp can be produced after simple screening step.

Grip Sheet is highly competitive to other types (chipboard, corrugated) of tier sheets, most of the time it can even provide direct cost savings because much lighter papers are used compared to alternatives. Additional cost savings can be achieved when secondary or distribution packaging is reduced or eliminated. Grip Sheet will provide additional savings related to reduction of damages and associated return processes, credits and delays, not forgetting unnecessary transportation, handling, storage and labor costs.

SDI is a member of the Canadian Packaging Association, participates in exhibitions to demonstrate the multiple benefits of using Grip Sheet and other sustainable products or methods. SDI develops application documents and provides assistance in the implementation of sustainable solutions.


Example using shrink trays and sometimes tier sheets

Appearance of pallets could be improved, labels are hidden by the trays


Example using shrink pack (no trays)
and waterproof Grip Sheet


Pallet is straight, bottles and labels are fully visible. Six Grip Sheet replaced 114 trays.
Cost savings of $15.00/pallet

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