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Founded in 2004, SDI Packaging offers efficient packaging solutions to their customers. Indeed, SDI Packaging personalized approach focuses on the specific needs of their customers to reduce packaging costs, increase productivity, reduce losses and waste.  


SDI is the largest North American supplier of GRIP SHEET (anti-slip paper sheets) and the 2nd largest worldwide, permitting us to ship regular products within 24 hours. SDI is the manufacturer of the chipboard GRIP PAD and of the non-skid slip sheet (push-pull sheet) GRIP'N SLIP SHEET. Other than the GRIP SHEET, SDI offers solutions to help handle and move your products efficiently and safely. Our offering includes an extensive line of plastic pallets; carry tape handles and others. We are also an international distributor for Glue Dots.


SDI Packaging offers products to companies in fields such as food & beverage, chemicals, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, automotive, industrial and others. SDI Packaging reaches clients that highly regard protecting the value and quality of their products throughout the manufacturing, warehousing, shipping and distribution processes including to shoppable pallets.

In addition to reducing costs, SDI's mission is to reduce the overpackaging through the use of different materials and to promote the use of recycled and recyclable products.


SDI Packaging is committed to preserving the environment.

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