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GRIP'N SLIP SHEET solves ordinary slip-sheet problems


Eliminate Slippage and Secure Loads

Maintains products in place by friction, does not stick nor alter containers

No need to attach the stretch film like would be done with a pallet

No need for extra tabs in the up position to secure goods to them with stretch film

No need to use palletizing adhesive that can damage containers

No need for glue application equipment and associated process control and maintenance

Elimination of curing time necessary to be able to move or ship goods


Eliminate Multiple Sheets Feeding 

By construction and design, only one GRIP'N SLIP SHEET is picked-up each time


Increase productivity

Loads can be moved safely and faster on conveyors and forklifts


Increase safety

Less potential for goods to fall from the load and to cause injuries or damages



GRIP'N SLIP SHEET Vs Wooden Pallets

Using GRIP'N SLIP SHEET instead of wooden pallets allows for 12–15% more products in material handling containers.

 GRIP'N SLIP SHEET do not require maintenance and can easily be replaced.

Significant reduction in material handling costs.

Weighs 1/20 as much as wooden pallets, reducing shipping costs.

Reusable and reliable.

Unlike wooden pallets GRIP'N SLIP SHEET are not subject to phytosanitary restrictions.



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