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GRIP'N SLIP SHEET products and specifications


Multiple layers of Kraft Liner board with the top side being laminated with GRIP SHEET, a 100% recycled lightweight paper with a non slip coating.

Type of glue used





Maximal width : 73'' (1854 mm) (including tabs)

Note: the maximum width of the anti slip section is 63'' (1600 mm)

Maximal length : 100'' (2540 mm) (including tabs)

Note: Anti slip section covers the entire length of the sheet

Pull Tabs

Quantity : 0 to 4

Standard width : 3’’ (75 mm), others available

Standard thicknesses and recommended maximal load*

36 pts (0,9 mm) Kraft + GRIP SHEET : 1800 lbs (800 kg)

48 pts ( 1,2 mm) Kraft + GRIP SHEET : 2400 lbs (1100 kg)

60 pts ( 1,5 mm) Kraft + GRIP SHEET : 3000 lbs ( 1400 kg)

* Maximum load depends on product type and specific application constraints


rounded, at a 45 degree or right angle


with other paper or cardboard products

Black printing: 20 characters


1 or 2 faces PE laminated

Black Printing 20 characters maximum



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