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Some benefits of the anti-slip paper GRIP SHEET :


  • Savings

- Reduction of damage during handling of goods (internal and external transportation, handling and storage)

- Elimination of breakage risks

- Reduction of the stretch film volume used

- Increase the heights of pallet loads and reduce the number of pallets so lower transportation costs

- Reduction of the overpack

- Maximum reduction of material losses

- Reduction of logistics costs


  • Productivity

- Increases the number of wrapped pallets per hour

- Increases the speed of movement of the pallet on the conveyor

- Facilitates the movement of palletized loads before applying the film


  • Security

- Prevent the goods from slipping on the pallets during transport by truck or in warehouse

- Preserve and protect products

- Secure logistics operations


  • Branding

- Improvement of the image of your products and your company

- Increase customer satisfaction

- Improvement of the environmental impact



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