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Selection Criteria

How to Select the Right Grip Sheet

Criteria 1

Dimension of Grip Sheet

Depending on the size of the palletized load

45" x 37" is the most popular size because it is usually not necessary to cover the entire surface


Criteria 2

Type of Paper

Recycled, the most popular type of paper

Kraft, white

Water-ressistant, white

Waterproof, clear PET plastic


Criteria 3

Paper Weight or Thickness

Depending on weight, size, shape of the containers and the contact surface

60g, 90g and 220g are the most popular 



Criteria 4

Non-Slip Coating

Type 2M: 100% coating on two sides (the most popular)

Type LA: light coating in alternating bands (2nd most popular and the best for automation)

Type 1M: 100% coating on one side

Type SQ: coating in alternating square (checkerboard) on both sides


Criteria 5


Depending on the paper weight and type of coating

Type 1m and LA are the most affordable



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