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Why Use Adhesive Tape Handles

MARKETING Advantages


- An extremely polyvalent vehicle for your promotions providing additional space for your messages, logos, trade marks, bar codes and others

- Favors the selection of your products since they are easier to take

- Fosters customers loyalty especially with multi-packs that favor larger quantity purchases

- Standardization of promotions by only changing the message rather than the entire packaging




- Minimizes the packaging material used to handle products

- Contributes to the reduction of damages to products thus reduces complaints and product returns

- Eliminates the need for boxes or plastic bags to carry products


CUSTOMER’S Advantages


- Facilitates product transportation from the store to place of use

- Provides convenient, comfortable and reliable handling of products, even foam handles are available for heavy products

- Plays a role in reducing packaging when selecting products with tape handle




- Cost lower than comparable packaging methods

- Highly flexible: possibility of different formats, handles with paper carrying section made on the machine or prepared tape handles with a possibility of paper, thin polypropylene or extra comfortable foam carrying section in 1mm and 2 mm

- Simple principles of use

- Adjustable to your production thanks to the wide range of equipment available: semi-automatic and automatic with rates of 10 to 110 handles per minute.





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