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Tape Handles for Automatic Installation

adhesive tape carry handle - plastic bags alternative - eco friendly - retail store



Prepared Handles for Automatic Equipment

The label, positioned where the hand is placed to lift the product, is already glued to the adhesive roll.

The handles are cut and installed automatically on the products.



Eliminates machine stoppages caused by defects in handle preparation

Improves efficiency

Reduce operator interventions as the adhesive roll is the only changeover

Reduces material management as only the adhesive is to be procured

Prepared handle section can be with paper, polypropylene or polyethylene foam 1mm or 2mm for greater comfort



Handles Made on Automatic Equipment


Handles are made by the machine using a clear adhesive and a paper label.

As with the prepared handles, the handle is cut to the right length and installed automatically.

A semi-automatic machine is also available just to make the handles, and then an operator installs them on the product by hand.



The same roll of clear adhesive can be used with different labels

A change of handle design only requires a paper label change




Equipment for Adhesive Tape Handle Application

A large selection of machines has been developed to answer the needs of all kinds of packaging like shrink film products and packs, large bottles, bags, pouches, or any cumbersome product.





Adhesive Tape Bundling

A range of machines was designed to bundle a variety of products, rigid containers, soft bags, paperboard… by applying an adhesive tape around the products. Bundling using adhesive tape permits to reduce the material required to hold the products together when compare to shrink film or cardboard.

Common bundles are built with 2, 3 or 4 products. Adhesive tape bundling is well suited for gable-top and brick carton, food in box or plastic film, hygienic products and more.



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