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Technical Information

Glue Dots - Pressure Sensitive Adhesives


Visible Results

Bonds instantly

 Faster and safer than hot glues

 Cleaner than liquid adhesives and tapes

 No mess. No residue. No odor

 Available as standard product or customized



Glue Dots are available in numerous styles to fit a variety of applications. If you don’t find exactly the one you need, just contact us so we can manufacture a custom Glue Dots for you.

The most common diameter of Glue Dots is ½ inch but there are also 3/16, 3/8 and ¾ inch. Several tack levels and three standard thickness profiles are offered. You will also have to select a specific packaging of Glue Dots that determines how you will apply the Glue Dots (manually, using a dispenser, automated dispensing, etc); this selection will be based on the specifics of your products, process and manufacturing speed.


Tack Levels 

Low and Medium Tack Glue Dots are considered removable from most substrates.

Super High Tack creates a permanent bond, which will tear paper.

*Low and Medium Tack contain some oil. Test absorbent surfaces for staining.

**High Shear Glue Dots have vertical hold capabilities and a tack level comparable to the high tack.



 Low Profile Glue Dots are thin and used for bonding level items. Medium and High Profiles are used to create a bridge or gap between substrates. 


Glue Dots Staining Statement: Always Test Surfaces for Staining 

Glue Dots are produced using a variety of synthetic, rubber-based adhesives. To give these adhesives their removable capabilities, varying degrees of oils are used. In most cases these oils will not discolor surfaces. However, the effects of the oils vary based on the absorption properties of the substrate.

As the strength level increases, the concentration of oils decreases. We recommend thoroughly testing the adhesive on given substrates where discoloration is a concern.

To speed up testing times, we suggest applying adhesive patterns to the substrates and heating them up to 140 degrees for one-week to simulate results at room temperature after six months. 


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