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GRIP SHEET | Anti-Slip Paper Sheets 


Grip Sheet anti slip for pallet load shifting slip sheet


free samples grip sheet anti-skid sheet




 Damaged shipment causes inconvenience to you and your customers





GRIP SHEET is a slip sheet/tier sheet with Exclusive Dotted Anti-Slip Coating. 


Used between layers of goods, GRIP SHEET is the perfect solution to stabilize your bags, cartons or any kind of packages.


It will prevent your products from slipping during handling and transportation due to its high coefficient of friction (COF 50 °)


GRIP SHEET will not only increase load stability it will also:

  1. Decrease stretch wrap costs
  2. Decrease or Eliminate strapping
  3. Decrease the number of damages, product loss and complaints.
  4. Enhance your brand image


Grip Sheets are 100% recyclable and Reusable, made from recycled paper


* If you are looking for waterproof sheets check our CLEAR GRIP made from PET Plastic.


What is the purpose of GRIP SHEET?


GRIP SHEET is used to prevent slippage of products on pallets during transportation or usage in warehouses.


Anti-skid paper GRIP SHEET is an innovative solution for stabilization that will prevent your products from slipping during handling and transportation.


Due to its very high friction coefficient (50 °), non-slip paper GRIP SHEET reduces movements and damages of products during shipping and handling.


GRIP SHEET allows you to preserve and enhance your brand image.


Your products will be delivered exactly how you shipped them, preventing damages and load shifting.

grip sheet anti-skid sheet interleaving tier sheet separator for pallet

How to use the non-slip grip sheet?


We recommend to place one anti-skid sheet on the pallet and then between some or each layer.


The non-slip sheets can be placed manually or by automation.


GRIP SHEET is delivered primarily in sheets on pallets, but also available on rolls.


The standard size is 45”x37 but we also custom size.


Who should use our GRIP SHEET?


If you are on this page it means you are looking for a solution to fix or prevent a slipping problem.


Companies that use our non-slip sheets either have slipping problems and load shifting or would like to prevent these kinds of problems.


Don’t wait for problems to arise, prevent them.


Other benefits of using GRIP SHEET


GRIP SHEET helps to reduce or eliminate the use of strapping, stretch wrap and heavier and more expensive cardboard pads.


Main characteristics of anti-slip paper GRIP SHEET


grip sheet anti-skid non-slip slip sheet tier sheet


GRIP SHEET has an exclusive coating it is the only anti-skid sheet in the world with a dotted coating.

All the competitors use basically the same coating except GRIP SHEET


  • Recycled paper, Reusable and Recyclable


  • Coefficient of friction of 50 degrees


  • Ideal for use in frozen environments


  • 100% waterproof version available


  • Stabilizes charges of any kind


grip sheet non slip paper non skid




More about GRIP SHEET Anti-Slip Sheets


How to use GRIP SHEET manually without any equipment


 how to use non-slip sheets manually 


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GRIP SHEET products and specifications (0)

GRIP SHEET Spec Sheets


*5000 sheets/pallet 


*4000 sheets/pallet


*3500 sheets/pallet


*2500 sheets/pallet


*2000 sheets/pallet


*2000 sheets/pallet


*3000 sheets/pallet


*1500 sheets/pallet



* Quantity per pallet for standard size 45"x37" and fully coated sheets




Our standard size that we keep in stock is 45"x37" (1140 mm x 940 mm) but we custom size


The different Coatings and Patterns for the anti-slip paper GRIP SHEET


  • 100% Coating on 2 Sides : an anti-slip coating uniformly covers the entire surface of the 2 sides of the paper. This coating is mainly used when the anti-slip paper GRIP SHEET is placed manually. (2M)


  • 100% Coating on One Side : a anti-slip coating material uniformly covers the entire surface of one side of the paper. This paper is particularly interesting where it is required to slide the products when palletizing by hand. (1M)


  • Alternating Band Coating : a anti-slip coating is distributed in alternating bands on the 2 sides. This coating is recommended for automation generally using a vacuum system. (A)


  • Alternating Band Light Coating : a lighter anti-slip coating is distributed in alternating bands on the 2 sides. This coating has been developed to reduce the cost of the anti-slip paper GRIP SHEET where the coefficient of friction doesn’t need to be as high. (LA)


   grip sheet anti-skid non-slip slip sheet tier sheet

100% Coating (2M and 1M)

grip sheet anti-skid non-slip slip sheet tier sheet alternated band

Alternating Band (LA and A)



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Decrease stretch wrap costs and increase load stability with the GRIP SHEET Anti-slip sheets for pallets .

Anti-Slip sheets prevents slippage.

GRIP SHEET Benefits (0)

Some benefits of the anti-slip paper GRIP SHEET :


  • Savings

- Reduction of damage during handling of goods (internal and external transportation, handling and storage)

- Elimination of breakage risks

- Reduction of the stretch film volume used

- Increase the heights of pallet loads and reduce the number of pallets so lower transportation costs

- Reduction of the overpack

- Maximum reduction of material losses

- Reduction of logistics costs


  • Productivity

- Increases the number of wrapped pallets per hour

- Increases the speed of movement of the pallet on the conveyor

- Facilitates the movement of palletized loads before applying the film


  • Security

- Prevent the goods from slipping on the pallets during transport by truck or in warehouse

- Preserve and protect products

- Secure logistics operations


  • Branding

- Improvement of the image of your products and your company

- Increase customer satisfaction

- Improvement of the environmental impact



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GRIP SHEET Selection Criteria (0)


Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to answer you








Recycled Paper



Plastic PET















75µ or 105 gr/m² 







Split into equal squares on the two sides

surface (checkerboard)




100% Coating on 2 Sides







- Low cost

- High performance

- Optimized for Automation

- Light


- Very High Resistance

- Waterproof and Washable

- Transparent



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