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Manual application using the EconoDot automatic dispenser



EconoDot is an economic electronic bench-top adhesive dispenser. The EconoDot dispenser automatically advances Glue Dots patterns when the operator's hand or the product to which they're applying the Glue Dots covers then uncovers the photo sensing eye's beam movement detector. 



Benefits : 


Low price

Lightweight design and small footprint

Fast, very easy start up and operation

Glue Dots automatically advance, speeds up production

Maintenance free

Adhesive available in different dot sizes, thickness profiles and tack levels 



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Grid view


EconoDot Dispenser

Price: 1,599.00 $

Low profile - High tack 1/2'' (Roll)

Price: 48.92 $

Low profile - Super High tack 1/2'' (Roll)

Price: 48.92 $

Medium profile - High tack 1/2'' (Roll)

Price: 38.71 $
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